Pallet transport

Road transport of goods on pallets is an efficient way of distribution. The Frigo Group organises pallet transport from A to Z, whether the goods are dry or frozen. Large quantities of pallets but also small ones are welcome.

We can offer various customised solutions from our warehouse or cold store. For example, we can do order picking for the composition of mixed pallets. Delivery at pallet level, box level or consumer unit is also possible. Our employees closely monitor the WMS. We provide new barcode labels for picked pallets. Track and Trace during pallet transport of frozen products is therefore not a problem.

FTL and Groupage pallets

When it comes to pallet transport, we serve the following countries, among others: Benelux, Spain, Germany, France and Italy. Hungary and Switzerland are also regularly visited. We provide Full Truck Loads and groupage options.

For frozen food transport, we specialise in groupage to the Benelux countries, Spain and Germany. By bundling pallets to wholesalers or distribution centres, we can ensure significantly lower costs.

From wooden pallets to plastic

In our coldstore we regularly receive goods on wooden pallets which have to be transferred. For example, on plastic pallets or a different pallet size or height. Loading containers with pallets is also no problem. (Loosely loaded or push & pull as well). We always aim for low transport costs per unit.

For pallet transport we use our own trucks and Dutch drivers. Sometimes we work with regular ‘preferred suppliers’, who know exactly what requirements your goods have.