Logistical relief through our customs handling

For various internationally active companies, the Frigo Group goes beyond merely storing and handling their goods. We offer them the opportunity to store their frozen goods in our customs warehouse. By storing the goods in our bonded warehouse, customers only have to pay the import duties when they deliver their goods.

From port to cold store

Often, these products come to us in containers from the various ports, for which we can also arrange conditioned transport, if required.
Upon arrival at our coldstore in Nieuw-Vennep, we report these containers to Customs online. After customs has given us permission to unload, we palletise the frozen goods and place the pallets in our frozen storage facility. At the same time, our office staff create a customs file that contains all the information required by customs.

AEO certification

Because we are certified by the customs authorities as Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), our customers know for sure that we have our security arrangements in order. And we are given priority for checks or can specify a preferred location for checks. After all, the customs authorities have approved our internal processes and have linked these benefits to them, among other things.

Delivering? The Frigo Group takes care of customs clearance

When you want to deliver, you report this to our customer service employees. You can deliver per pallet or per box, whatever suits you. Our staff will then clear these goods with the customs authorities, after which they can be delivered from one of our cold stores without any problems. Only then do you have to pay import duties and VAT. In this context, we can also act as a fiscal representative for you.

The customers who use our customs service, including Golden Foods Siam Ltd, greatly appreciate the fact that we offer this package as a frozen logistics provider.