Frozen food transport Netherlands & Europe

Ice-cream, spring rolls, bread, cakes, meat… The transport of frozen products at a temperature of -18o C is one of the specialisms of Frigo Group Transport, which, together with Frigo Group Logistics, represents unmistakable added value for the Frigo Group. We can take care of your conditioned or frozen food transport in the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

Storage and transport

Customers are increasingly looking for a total solution for logistics throughout the supply chain. That is why, in 2007, we established Frigo Group Logistics, which takes care of the entire logistics of frozen food, including transport, both for customers who store in our cold store and for customers who do not use our frozen warehouse in Nieuw-Vennep. Each frozen food transport is monitored in real time. We keep an exact eye on the temperature of the cargo. We also know exactly where the trucks are located.

Freezer transport France, Belgium, Spain and more

As an extension of Frigo Group Logistics, Frigo Group Transport was also established in 2015. We arrange transport from the ports or production sites to the cold stores. We also arrange distribution from our cold store at home and abroad. When it comes to freezer transport, Frigo Group Transport’s focus within Europe is on the Benelux, Spain, Germany, France and Italy. Groupage of frozen food takes place to and from the Benelux, France, Spain, Hungary and Switzerland.

Our planners speak several languages (French, English, Spanish and German, among others) and therefore have an adequate and suitable answer to every logistic question, regardless of the country where the goods or products have to go. As a result, we can guarantee our customers even better that the cold chain of their goods is not broken. This is because both the forklift truck driver and the lorry driver are experts in their field and receive continuous training in accordance with ISO 9001 quality requirements. Frigo Group Logistics employs planners who know better than anyone that it is of the utmost importance that delivery agreements are met. So that your customer is satisfied. And so are you!