For years, the Frigo Group has been working to ensure that the resources it draws from are as sustainable as possible. “As a farmer’s daughter (see the interview with her father Hein van Elderen) I know better than anyone that you have to take good care of the land you work on,” Margreet van Elderen says. “Without timely drainage and without fertilisation, the next generation will not be able to earn their living on the farm. The standards and values I inherited from our father also ensure that I cherish my employees and customers. I work on long-term relationships with them. A field that you fertilise will yield a good harvest. That is also how I see my business. I want to build a beautiful company that I can proudly pass on to the next generation!”

As part of our policy of keeping energy consumption as low as possible, the Frigo Group has been working for years with an energy-efficient engine room, among other things. In addition, the waste flows within the company are separated.