Chicken; cold storage and transport

From Asia and South America, the Frigo Group receives containers with chicken products or other poultry for various customers every day in the Nieuw-Vennep cold store. If required, we arrange conditioned transport from the various ports to our frozen warehouse. If import duties have not yet been paid on the goods, we report these containers to customs upon arrival at our coldstore.

If permission to unload is given, we palletise the goods and sort them by lot code. The pallets are labelled with an SSCC label to ensure tracking and tracing. Next, the goods are placed under customs warehousing in our deep-freeze warehouse.

It goes without saying that we apply extra stickers to the boxes if the customer so wishes and that we carry out all kinds of VAL (Value Added Logistics) activities. Only when the goods are delivered do we clear the goods with customs so that only then do import duties and VAT have to be paid.

The Frigo Group is a logistics service provider that offers a complete package. For example, Frigo Group Logistics and Frigo Group Transport can arrange frozen food distribution in the Benelux and the rest of Europe, including transport, of course. So that we can guarantee excellent handling of your goods flows from start to finish.