Meticulous container handling

For the Frigo Group, unloading and loading containers with frozen foodstuffs is ‘business as usual’, on the understanding that it is not done routinely but carefully and efficiently in our cold store in Nieuw-Vennep. Your containers do not always have to be delivered with palletised goods. It is in fact part of our daily business to palletise loose-stacked goods. We sort your frozen products according to article, THT and lot code, foil them and provide them with an SSCC label that guarantees tracking and tracing.

Stacking on the desired pallet size

We also receive containers in our frozen goods warehouse where the wooden pallets have to be replaced by plastic pallets or by another pallet size for further production at our customers’ sites. We then ensure that the pallets are stacked in such a way that the further production process at our customer’s site can proceed smoothly.

Loading of containers

The loading of containers can take place with pallets, loosely loaded or using a ‘push pull’ system on slipsheets. We have a reputation to uphold when it comes to low transport costs per unit. That is why we pay special attention to the calculation and maximum loading of containers. Our customers appreciate this because of the high added value.

The conditioned transport of containers from and to various ports

As a logistics service provider specialising in frozen food, our service does not stop at the doors of our frozen food storage facilities. We also arrange transport to and from various ports at home and abroad.