As a provider of frozen logistics services, we naturally offer all the services involved in the smooth handling of your goods. With our experience, we know that just before delivery you may decide that an extra sticker needs to be put on the boxes or bags or that the delivery height of the pallets needs to be changed.

This is business as usual for us. Our team of cold store staff has years of experience in this. Our service package therefore includes all aspects of Value Added Logistics.

  • Inbound and outbound
  • Orderpicking
  • Groupage
  • Container handling
  • Freezing
  • Customs clearance
  • Pallet transport


We provide labelling at box level or consumer unit level so that your frozen goods leave our cold store with the correct characteristics. We also provide pallets with SSCC and delivery labels, making scanning in the rest of the supply chain easy and guaranteeing tracking and tracing.

Stacking, reversing or de-stacking pallets

We can also adjust pallet heights by stacking or unstacking boxes for delivery at the desired height. We do not shy away from stacking pallets or tilting pallets to easily change the pallet carrier, for example from wood to plastic.


We make sure that overstacked pallets are ready for shipping again by re-foiling them on our pallet wrapper.

Sampling of goods

On request, we can draw samples of delivered goods, enabling the customer to test whether the product meets the quality requirements

Weighing of goods

Some goods must be weighed on pallets because of their high value. The total weight of the pallet and the other characteristics are stored in our WMS and printed on the pallet sticker.