Frozen storage and retrieval

We manage your frozen food storage with great care. Of course, this includes storage and retrieval. Our freezer rooms can accommodate 22,000 pallets at a temperature of -18o to -26o C and are equipped with quality control day and night. The freezing tunnels offer a freezing capacity of 100 tons per day. Our WMS system with EDI solution accurately maintains your stock records. You will receive your own login to view the status in real time.

Storage of refrigerated or frozen food

When it comes to storing your (frozen) foodstuffs, checks on quantity, temperature and quality are strict. If required, our staff can take individual quality samples per pallet. These can be tested by your own QA department. If desired, we provide the pallets with a track & trace SSCC label (EAN 128).

Retrieval as desired

In the case of withdrawals, orders are read in via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Receipts and orders are automatically entered into our WMS. Manual entry by our staff via WMS is also possible. An order for removal appears on the display. One of the cold store employees will prepare the goods and label them for destination if required. Besides storage at pallet level, order picking is also possible.