Fast and efficient freezing

For the quality of fresh products, fast and adequate freezing is of great importance. Whether it is a case of freezing chicken, herring or dates, the Frigo Group’s modern cold store and skilled staff ensure excellent quality.

Freezing of fresh meat

Fresh meat is frozen daily in our cold store near Amsterdam. We have all the permits K and B needed to receive fresh meat. We have separate processing areas where we receive fresh meat in compliance with all hygiene requirements.

In order to be able to freeze to the core quickly, we place spacers between the boxes, after which the pallets are placed in one of our freezing tunnels. After 24 hours of shock-freezing, the product has reached a temperature of -24 °C and the spacers are removed. The pallet is then fitted with wrapping film and weighed.
The weight, the product type and the product code are entered into the WMS and these data are printed on a sticker and stuck to the pallet. Only then is the product suitable for storage in our storage cells. Nicolet and Jan van der Mey of Van der Mey Vers Vlees & Bacon Export tell us in Customer aan het Woord that our people have these processes down to a fine art.

Freezing of fish

Our freezing tunnels are also used for the rapid freezing of various types of fish, including herring. The herring arrives in cages filled with buckets. After being labelled with product characteristics, these cages are placed directly in the freezing tunnels and reach a temperature of -24 °C within 24 hours. After this, the cages are placed in a separate storage cell in our cold store. Due to the high salt content, the herring must be kept at a very low temperature. Leo Hoek of Haringhandel A. Hoek has been making use of the Frigo Group’s freezing and storage capacity for many years to his satisfaction.

Further freezing of potato products, fruit, bread

Some distribution centres or wholesalers require a delivery temperature lower than -18°Celsius. The time between production and delivery is sometimes too short for the product to reach the desired delivery temperature in our normal cold store. In such cases, our customers prefer to have their product brought to a temperature lower than -18°Celsius in our shock freezers so that they can meet their delivery commitments.