Ambient transport, non-conditioned transport

Unlike refrigerated and freezer transport, the transport of ambient goods, dry goods and general cargo is not conditioned. No minimum or maximum temperature requirements are imposed on this flow of goods and the loads are not checked.

Nevertheless, Frigo Group Transport does have the drive to transport these flows of goods from A to B as efficiently, decisively and flexibly as possible, with a modern and sustainable fleet and driven and customer-friendly planners and Dutch drivers as its greatest assets. Day in, day out and with the whole of Europe as its working area.

With steel, machines, air-conditioning and sweets as its specialities and Geldermalsen as its operating base, Frigo Group Transport has grown into a transport company that is also extremely capable of managing unconditioned goods flows. Warehousing can be part of the logistics service offered to clients.

Part of the modern, innovative and sustainable fleet of Frigo Group Transport sets sail daily for the Benelux, France, Spain, Hungary and Switzerland. Groupage and FTL are certainly among the options.