Fish storage and transport

Ever since its establishment in 1973, the Frigo Group has been a steady partner of various herring traders, who have their salted maatjes herring from Norway brought to -24 degrees within 24 hours in the freezing tunnels of our deep-freeze warehouse in Nieuw-Vennep. Large players in the market for fish and fish products from IJmuiden also know where to find our cold store.

As a frozen logistics provider, we know that ships need to be unloaded as quickly as possible. Our experienced team of forklift truck drivers ensure that the pallets are labelled, so that they can then be smoothly placed in our frozen storage locations. There are also traders who rent year-round frozen storage from the Frigo Group and for whom all VAL (Value Added Logistics) activities are carried out. To make the service complete, we also arrange the conditioned transport of the fish, i.e. frozen or chilled transport to the location(s) desired by our customer.