Destination… reached!

As part of the Frigo Group, Frigo Group Transport has become big in the transport of frozen and refrigerated goods. In addition to refrigerated/freezer combinations, the modern fleet now also includes tautliners and covered trucks, some of which are equipped with a Kooiaap or a crane.

Within Europe in general and the Netherlands in particular, Frigo Group Transport does not avoid any destination or load. Our planners speak several languages (French, English, Spanish and German, among others) and therefore have an adequate and suitable answer to every logistical question, regardless of the country the goods or products have to go to or come from.

The cold store in Nieuw-Vennep and the warehouse in Geldermalsen enable Frigo Group Logistics and Frigo Group Transport, as an independent Third Party Logistics Provider, to offer total logistical solutions for frozen and general cargo flows respectively. Naast diepvries zijn staal en machines daarbij uitgegroeid tot specialismen, maar neem van ons aan: met Frigo Group Transport bereiken uw goederen en producten iedere bestemming binnen Europa, op duurzame en efficiënte wijze. Without wanting to do justice to other countries, we can state that special, often daily transport connections are maintained with France, Belgium, Spain and Luxembourg.