Meat storage and transport

Because Frigo Nieuw-Vennep, the number one cold store in the Amsterdam and Schiphol region, has all the permits to handle and freeze fresh meat, many slaughterhouses and meat traders have their goods flows run via the Frigo Group. Meat arrives fresh on pallets made up of crates or boxes. Spacers are placed between the boxes or crates and the pallets are placed directly in the freezing tunnel. The product reaches a temperature of -24o degrees within 24 hours. Then the spacers are removed again and the pallets are covered with wrapping film. Because we know better than anyone that meat is a valuable product and that every kilo counts, each pallet is weighed separately on arrival. The weight and other product specifications are printed on an SSCC label and stuck to the pallet wrapping film.

Only now is the pallet ready for placement in our freezer warehouse. When the goods are loaded, Frigo Group Logistics arranges the meat transport to the final destination. We deliver meat daily for the more complex export destinations such as China and Hong Kong. Our employees know exactly which export certificates need to be applied for in order to be able to deliver flawlessly.