“McCain has grown into a market leader in frozen potato products, with modern production companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Poland, among others. The Frigo Group is a 3pl provider for us. They take care of the transport from one of our factories to external cold stores, warehousing, cross-docking, order picking, stock management and the transport in the Netherlands to our customers. The Frigo Group takes over a large part of our logistical tasks, allowing us to concentrate on our core business of producing fries. We have been doing business with the Frigo Group since 1975. The Frigo Group’s locations fit in perfectly with the network of our factories. Thanks to their good service, they are a highly appreciated logistics partner of McCain. The company employs committed people, who know what is going on from top to bottom and who take our products and customers seriously. Here, the principle of ‘one man, one word’ still prevails. Or in the case of Nieuw-Vennep: a lady a lady, a word a word.”