“Like many other companies, it is not an easy time for us because of the corona crisis. We supply to retail, catering and airline companies, but also to schools in France, for example, through partners. All in all, a substantial part of our turnover has been lost.

Our Velp-based bakery is part of the Horizon Group. Even before the corona outbreak, we were looking for a new logistics service provider. Thanks to Google, I came into contact with the Frigo Group. It felt right from the very first moment. Trusted. I immediately had the impression that our quality products were in good hands with them. It resulted in a contract that provides services with a price/quality ratio that I am very satisfied with. With Frigo Group Transport’s refrigerated/freezer trucks, our entire stock was transported in a week and a half to the Frigo cold store in Nieuw-Vennep, where we now reserve the pallet spaces we need. As soon as our production recovers, that number can increase significantly.

Apart from storage, we have also entrusted the conditioned transport of our frozen pastries and desserts to the Frigo Group: Frigo Group Transport refrigerated/freezer trucks drive from Velp to Nieuw-Vennep every day and also take care of a large part of the transport from the Nieuw-Vennep coldstore to the customers of the Horizon products. Based on the first weeks, I think that we have made a good choice with the Frigo Group. I only hear positive things from my colleagues. It is a good feeling to be able to focus on our core business, knowing that we have virtually no worries about storage and transport.”