“As concept manager, I am partly responsible for the bread concept of Chaupain B.V. Our brand is marketed at VHC catering wholesalers. The Chaupain bread is delivered directly from the bakeries that produce for Chaupain to Frigo Nieuw-Vennep. In most cases, the Frigo Group is responsible for the transport from the bakeries to Nieuw-Vennep. This is well organised. In addition to the storage, the Frigo Group takes care of the daily picking of the orders at pallet and package level. The Frigo Group also takes care of the shipment of the goods from the cold store to the catering wholesalers of the VHC. Frigo’s automatic online stock system allows us to log in at any time of the day, so that we can see what is happening with our goods. We can easily see which goods are in and out, but we also get information about the stock level and best-before dates. It is very pleasant for us that the Frigo Group has fixed contact persons, both in the cold stores and in the office. If we have any questions, they know almost blindly what we are talking about. For us, that is the big advantage of the Frigo Group. Chaupain B.V. is also a real customer for the Frigo Group, not a mere number. They think along with us. They inform us immediately about deviations and special circumstances. For Chaupain this means that we can switch easily and quickly. We have been away for a while, but in 2007 we came back screaming.”