Freezer Storage Fruits in Cold Stores Frigo Group

Frigo Group knows like no other that each product requires its own unique method of frozen storage. In our cold stores for various fruit traders, we store so-called red fruits (cherries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries) from the lands in Europe. We also unload shipping containers with so-called yellow fruits (mango, peach, papaya) that is harvested from the more tropical areas in the world. Additionally, we do all handling for the frozen storage of raw materials of desserts and pastry manufacturers. We sample the incoming pallets and provide them with SSCC labels, so that each party can be traced.

Due to the high amount of sugar in frozen fruits, our freezers in our cold store are set to a lower temperature than what is required for other frozen foods. This way, we are able to guarantee optimal quality preservation of your goods.