Freezer Storage of Bread, Pastry, Desserts in Cold Stores Frigo Nieuw-Vennep and ’s Heerenberg

Storing frozen bread, pastry, desserts in the frozen warehouses in Nieuw-Vennep and ’s Heerenberg is business as usual for logistics service provider of frozen products Frigo Group, We take care of all conditioned transport for various bakeries. This means refrigerated transport or frozen transport from the bakeries in and outside of the country.

Freezer Storage Fruits in Cold Stores Frigo Group

Frigo Group knows like no other that each product requires its own unique method of frozen storage. In our cold stores for various fruit traders, we store so-called red fruits (cherries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries) from the lands in Europe.

Freezing and Frozen Storage of Meat at Cold Stores Frigo Group in Good Hands!

ecause Frigo Nieuw-Vennep is the leading cold store in the region of Amsterdam and Schiphol who has all permits to handle and freeze meat, a large number of slaughterhouses and meat traders run their flow of goods through Frigo Group. Fresh meat is brought in on pallets that are built from crates or boxes. Spacers are placed between the boxes or crates and the pallets are placed directly into the freezing tunnel. The product reaches a temperature of -24 degrees Celsius within 24 hours. Subsequently, the spacers are removed and the pallets are provided with wrapping film.

Freezer Storage of Chicken and other Poultry in cold stores Frigo Group

On a daily basis, we receive containers with chicken or other poultry for clients from Asia and South America in our cold stores in Nieuw-Vennep and 's-Heerenberg. If desired, we arrange the conditioned transport from various harbors to our frozen warehouses.

Freezer Storage and Freezing Fish in Frozen Warehouses Frigo Group

Since the founding of the Frigo Group in 1973, we have been a permanent partner of various herring traders who have their salted herring from Norway brought to a temperature of -24 degrees Celsius within 24 hours in the freezing tunnels of our frozen warehouse in Nieuw-Vennep.