Freezer Storage of Bread, Pastry, Desserts in Cold Stores Frigo Nieuw-Vennep and 's Heerenberg

Storing frozen bread, pastry, desserts in the frozen warehouses in Nieuw-Vennep and 's Heerenberg is business as usual for logistics service provider of frozen products Frigo Group, We take care of all conditioned transport for various bakeries. This means refrigerated transport or frozen transport from the bakeries in and outside of the country.

The storage of bread, pastry and desserts requires extra attention from our cold store employees. This product category is very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature. Speed when loading and unloading is therefore an important condition to maintain the quality of these high quality products. Upon delivery to our frozen warehouse, the pallets are placed directly in the frozen storage location. Upon delivery, the pallets are once again loaded from the cold store into the truck, whereby we can guarantee that the cold chain is not interrupted. After all, we work with qualified and experienced private truckers who provide for the conditioned transport to the delivery location. In short: maintaining quality and unburdening from start to finish!